• Stunned cat owners catch their new cat using the loo - like a human

    This is the hilarious moment a pair of stunned cat owners caught their new pet in the act. Garry and Angela Oakes, from Meifod in North Wales walked in just as rescue cat Dylan was preparing to use their downstairs toilet. Given the deft way he

  • Cat pounces on kid while he runs and knocks him down

    This footage shows a little boy running across a room in his house when he gets the shock of his life. From out of nowhere, the family cat pounces and knocks him to the floor. The boy picks himself up looking a little confused, while the cat

  • Cat has remarkable reaction to seeing a fish on a laptop

    The cat's predatory relationship with fish is well established, but you've probably never seen anything like this. Presented with a video of a fish on a laptop, this puss launches into a bizarre pirouette, before slamming down hard on

  • This cat has learned to play the piano, to tell his owners' when he's hungry

    Story and video from SWNS This clever cat has learned to play the piano when he's hungry or when his litter tray needs changing. Winslow the seven year-year-old tabby was taught to play to counteract some bad behavior. "He used to run

  • Cat has epic battle with persistent windscreen wiper

    Hilarious footage has surfaced featuring a cat's epic battle with a windscreen wiper. Unfortunately, the moggy is on the wrong side of the glass to do any real damage, but that doesn't stop it from trying. See what happens in the video

  • This may be the world's grumpiest cat

    It appears that the heir to the sadly-departed Grumpy Cat may have finally been found. Kitzia, who lives in Florida, has a permanent scowl, but far from putting people off, she's fast becoming a social media hit. And despite the stern

  • Single men with cats less likely to find relationship on dating apps, research finds

    Men with cats considered less dateable and less masculine.

  • Why does my cat stare at me?

    Have you ever looked up to find your cat staring at you and wondered why on Earth he or she is doing that? While nobody knows for certain, there are some popular suggestions. Find out more in the video

  • Magpies turn tables on stalking cat

    Story and video from SWNS A postman was stunned when he filmed a scaredy-cat being bullied by two bolshy magpies. David Archibald, 53, was on his way to work when he spotted the ginger moggie being hen-pecked by the angry birds. He filmed the

  • Cat gags after sniffing broccoli

    This cat's owner offers it a piece of broccoli on a fork - and the response is hilarious. The moggie looks puzzled at first and cautiously sniffs the vegetable. Seconds later, the poor puss wretches - as its owner bursts into

  • Sphynx cats display amazing synchronicity

    These four cats sharing a tiny bed must obviously get along. And maybe that's to do with the amazing synchronicity they appear to share. As their owner makes a noise or movement, all four turn their heads in the same direction at the same

  • Here's why cats hate water

    Cats make their hatred of having a bath abundantly clear, but why do they dislike water so much? It turns out it's all to do with their fur, and what happens to the felines physically and mentally when it gets wet. Find out more in the

  • Adorable funny cat in Washington surprises her quarantined human doing ballet

    A ballet instructor in Washington who was recording lessons to stream online got a little more than she bargained for. The footage shows the instructor, named Amelia, going through her moves as her cat does it's best to get under her feet.

  • How to properly pet a cat

    Cats are famously finicky creatures and that includes having preferences for how they like to be petted. According to one expert, they like being lightly scratch behind the ears and any attention given to their cheeks and under their chins. Watch

  • RSPCA dubs injured cat 'Hercule Poirot' due to his perfect black moustache

    A cat with a fabulous black moustache recently found himself in a hairy situation. The one-year-old cat fractured both his legs and needed surgery after a terrible three-storey fall. He is now being kept on his own for four weeks while he

  • Bruce the cat is not impressed

    This cat and dog may not be fighting, but there's still a distinct lack of respect, certainly on the feline side. The hilarious footage shows Bruce the cat sitting on a kitchen counter looking distinctly unimpressed while Bucky the dog

  • This cat does not want to share its food

    There must be something extra special about this particular kitty dinner. Hilarious footage shows the moment a second cat attempts to share a plate of food with another feline that's already busy tucking in. But this cat is not in the mood

  • You can now buy a heated bed for your pet to keep them warm this winter

    It's described as ideal for cats and dogs with arthritis, hip dysplasia and other joint or pain problems.

  • Cat scared by the sound it makes through a microphone

    This cat scared itself after meowing into its owner's new microphone. It clearly wasn't happy about being asked, and after some heavy breathing it whines in annoyance. The resulting sound gives it a

  • This clever napping bridge will serve as the perfect Christmas gift for your cat

    After seeing this Dreamies just won't do.