• Breastfeeding could help reduce chronic pain after a Caesarean birth, study reveals

    Has another benefit of breastfeeding been revealed?

  • Divisive new birth trend involves mums delivering their own babies via caesarean

    You’d be forgiven for thinking that Sarah, from Queensland, Australia had given birth naturally, for how else could she have pulled her own baby out of her body, but in fact she’d had a caesarean section. For Sarah is one of a rising number of mums-to-be who are forgoing the protective screen, scrubbing up with the surgical team and taking a more hands-on role during their caesarean births. Maternal assisted caesarean sections are becoming increasingly popular, particularly for Australian and American women, who want to play a less-passive role in their c-section deliveries.

  • Women are sharing c-section scar selfies to challenge perceptions about caesareans

    Just one day after giving birth to her baby daughter, Alexa, Raquel Renteria took to social media to share a picture. The new mum from California wanted everyone to know why she was proud of her scar and share an empowering message to other women who given birth via c-section. “I was afraid of this scar and the long term effects it would have on body and my mind.

  • Blogger shares honest photo of her c-section scar to encourage mums to be proud of their post-baby bodies

    As any mum will likely testify, the changes your body goes through after giving birth can be pretty seismic. Taking to her Instagram, Candice Williams, who blogs at The Working Mumma, shared a candid picture of her caesarean scar alongside an empowering message urging mums not to feel ashamed of their bodies. Candace was inspired to share the shot after she found out Instagram had reportedly removed a photo of a baby lying on top of a mum’s belly, revealing her c-section scar.