• Sharon Stone, 59, wore one of the most revealing dresses at the Golden Globes

    Sharon Stone proved she is still a stone cold fox on Sunday night at the 2018 Golden Globes. The actress attended the event to present Best Supporting Actress in a Series/Limited Series/TV Movie, but she stole the show when she stepped onto the stage.

  • Having sex regularly could make you age more slowly

    Another reason to do it on the regular.

  • This photographer celebrates stylish ‘older’ people

    All images via Instagram/advancedstyle When most people think of the over 65 set, they picture unflattering trousers and outdated, dusty dresses – But not Ari Seth Cohen. Inspired by his stylish grandma Bluma, the young photographer has gained a real appreciation for “older people” and celebrates them on his Instagram account, advancedstyle.  Click through the gallery to see some of his best shots and let us know what you think by tweeting to @YahooStyleCA. 

  • Pomegranates 'can stop muscles deteriorating with age'

    < Tests on worms and mice have shown that intestinal bacteria transforms a molecule contained in pomegranates can dramatically slow down the aging of muscles. See also: The best foods to eat to prevent the signs of aging See also: Four

  • This 60-Year-Old Model Stars In H&M's Latest Swim Editorial

    H&M has consistently made an effort to cast diverse women in its runway shows and campaign imagery — and now, it's done so with a new swim editorial online. Also featured in the spread, which is entitled "Cool Girls in Cute Swimwear": Gillean McLeod, a 60-year-old stylist and model who only started posing for the camera a few years ago. McLeod's entry into the industry was a total accident: A model cast for a shoot that McLeod was styling wasn't up to par, so the client suggested McLeod (then 53 years old) take a stab at it, as she told H&M Magazine in an interview accompanying the imagery.

  • The biggest grey hair myths debunked

    Over the past few years grey and silver hair has been having a fashion moment. There are common misconceptions and old wives’ tales surrounding your new hair colour that can be down right confusing. Since the texture of grey hair is coarser than your natural strands, Tolentino explains that it’s more resistant to dye.

  • Why you may want to consider eating an avocado a day

    Many of us are eating avocados every day – or at least that’s what the 90,000+ avocado toast posts on Instagram would suggest. Here’s a big myth debunked: for one, eating avocados regularly won’t make you fat. “The monounsaturated fats in avocados are what give it the creamy texture that make it such a good replacement for butter, margarine or mayonnaise,” says Michelle W. Book., the in-house nutritionist at the Canadian Health Food Association.

  • Ageless Beauties at the SAG Awards: 50-Plus and Fabulous

    What really stood out on the red carpet? The talented women over 50 who looked radiant and completely confident in their own skin.

  • Jennifer Aniston Plans to Rock a Bikini in her 80s

    Jennifer Aniston will never give up on the bikini. People’s Most Beautiful Woman in the World 2004, Jennifer Aniston, turns 48 in three weeks, but she’s not going to give up the two-piece swimsuit for at least three more decades. This week, she told People that her days soaking up the rays in itty-bitty bikinis in Cabo San Lucas are far from over: “If I can be the first 80-year-old to go out there successfully in a bikini, then I’ll take that on,” she said.

  • Beauty For Every Age

    Take care of yourself at any age. (Photos: Ben Ritter)

  • The world's first anti-ageing pill?

    A drug which is successfully used to treat diabetes could help humans to live longer and remain in good health, say scientists. Metformin has already been shown to extend the life of animals, and now researchers have been given the green-light

  • This Miraculous Anti-Wrinkle Cream Seems Too Good To Be True

    A beauty brand is sending ripples though the internet with an incredible video of its anti-wrinkle cream virtually vanishing the creases on a woman’s hand.  Prescriptives Super Line Filler supposedly uses a combination of optical illusion, polymers to lift and tighten the skin and peptides that enhance collagen.  The secret, the company says, is to tap the cream into place rather than rubbing it in, using the cream morning and night for the best results.  Although the video just shows a product development employee known only as ‘Meredith’ using the cream on her hand, it can also be used on the face and anywhere else on your body that wrinkles are getting you down.  Of course, you can’t believe everything you see on the internet, and this is no exception.