The Zuvi Halo hair dryer promises to transform your hair condition

zuvi halo hair dryer
How the Zuvi Halo transforms hair conditioncourtesy

When it comes to hair electricals, innovation is usually focused within the styling realm. In recent years, we’ve seen powerful air stylers, quick and easy wavers and even a wet-to-straight hair straightener land on the shelves. But devices focused firmly on caring and conditioning remain few and far between.

Enter the Zuvi Halo. This futuristic hair dryer aims to reduce the negative effects of drying and styling on your hair, and it does so in an especially innovative way: by using light, instead of heat and air, to dry your strands.

Much as the sun dries the rain on a pavement following a shower, Zuvi’s patented LightCare technology uses infrared light to accelerate the natural water evaporation process, drying the surface of each hair strand without over-drying the inner cortex.

There are a host of benefits to this, but of course the primary appeal lies in damage control. By leaving the inner layers of the hair fibre unaffected, hair hydration – and therefore strength – is increased, which leads to less split ends and breakage in the long run.

The brand’s claims are indeed impressive: testing has shown the Zuvi Halo to increase internal moisture levels by 109 per cent (compared to a traditional hair dryer) and to enhance shine by 38 per cent. Brighter colour is a bonus too: the brand promises up to 57 per cent better retention of your balayage or highlights.

The dryer comes with a concentrated nozzle, diffuser and a gentle air-dispersing attachment for extra-sensitive scalps – although it's worth noting these do block some of the light, meaning best results are achieved without. There are four styling options, including a 'fast' mode that really does whip water away from thick and long hair seamlessly.

An added bonus, the Halo is also a more sustainable option, using 60 per cent less energy than a traditional hair dryer. (The fact that most dryers use twice as much energy as a microwave may surprise you.)

So far so promising – but does the Halo stand up to its claims? First things first, if you’re after a powerful styler to recreate a bouncy salon blow-dry, or to manipulate your strands outside of their natural texture, this won’t be the device for you. But Zuvi’s appeal doesn’t lie in the styling realm: instead, it promises beautiful, natural results: and when it comes to that, it really delivers.

Using the Halo is undeniably novel: it’s brighter, lighter and quieter than a traditional dryer. The gentle air and heat takes some getting used to, but that’s not to say you’ll be stood in front of the mirror all morning: the infrared light does indeed whisk moisture away as speedily as a traditional hair dryer. Those with curly hair should also take note: the diffuser may look small and unassuming, but it'll leave lengths springy and separated with a visible shine.

From first use, hair really does feel softer, with reduced frizz and smoother ends the most noticeable benefits. Regular use induces a gradual hair transformation: without the heat-related damage, frazzled strands become softer, and your natural hair texture will spring back to life (no matter how long you’ve subjected it to the straighteners).

If you’re hoping to let go of the laborious daily styling and return your hair to its full natural glory, this is absolutely an investment worth considering.

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