Student's incredible revision notes go viral on Instagram

Young woman with blonde hair, sitting at a desk in her room and doing maths-homeworks
A student, posed by model, has inspired others with her revision notes. [Photo: Getty]

A Welsh student’s revision notes have reached viral fame on Instagram.

Zoe Petre, 21, who comes from Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, is a Biomedical Sciences BSc student at Cardiff University.

She has been sharing her neatly-written, colourful revision notes on her Instagram account, @zoestudies, since 2016, and has amounted more than 40,000 followers.

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Petre’s notes contain impressive visualisations of her course material, including a mixture of bullet pointed lists, detailed diagrams and flow charts.

She initially began compiling the notes after having to retake her AS-level exams.

"My exams weren't going very well. I had already resat my first year, but still wasn't predicted good grades and knew I could do better,” Petre told the BBC.

"I realised I needed new revision techniques so I began taking photos of my notes and posting them on Instagram to motivate me."

Petre began sharing her notes on the platform together with study tips and personal updates as to what grades she was getting.

Her following soon extended beyond simply her friendship group to followers from around the world.

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She said: "I wanted to go to Cardiff University, but didn't think I'd get the grades.

"But people kept pushing me to succeed and, in the end, I got one A, two Bs and a C grade, which was enough to get in."

She started her degree at Cardiff University in September 2018, and is now in the second year.

As for her substantial following, Petre explains some of her followers do the same course as her, but many study different ones and are simply there for study motivation – “It feels supportive”.

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