Zoe Ball's ME+EM summer holiday dress is now on sale

Photo credit: Karwai Tang - Getty Images
Photo credit: Karwai Tang - Getty Images

This week, Zoe Ball took to Instagram to share an insight into her holiday wardrobe as she packed for an upcoming trip.

In the video, Zoe reveals many of the items she’ll be packing for the trip, which features lots of greens, browns and white tones for her time away.

Speaking over the video, the presenter explained that the selection was a mix of old and new pieces, including some new swimwear she’d bought to cheer herself up.

Zoe said she felt “lucky” to be having a holiday but that she “hated packing”, especially after trying on some of her existing swimwear.

She said she felt she “had put on quite a bit of weight, could be menopause, could be lack of sleep, could be not doing enough exercise, I don’t know.

“I felt a bit low so I popped to the shops and I bought some bigger swimwear…and I’m feeling a bit happier about it! I guess the lesson to myself is, ‘When you’ve put on some weight Zo, just buy bigger swimwear!’”

Alongside some new swimwear, woven bags and flat sandals were a couple of Zoe’s favourite pieces which she singled out during the clip.

“Love this dress from ME+EM it’s my fave,” said Zoe, pointing out a stunning tiered maxi dress in bold green with a plaited neckline.

The dress is perfect for warmer days in the UK or throwing on during a holiday abroad and the exact ME+EM dress is currently on sale for £45 off, from £150 to £105.

While most of Zoe’s holiday clothes were bought on the high street, she also highlighted a high-end piece she’d decided to take with her, in the form of a khaki shirt by cult brand Matteau. Pointing it out Zoe said, “And this lovely shirt…I love it.”

Made from mulberry silk, the features a stylish print and is made local to the brand in Australia, it’s definitely an investment purchase but a real statement piece to wear year after year.

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