Zoe Ball experienced common menopause symptom at work

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Photo credit: Ken Jack - Getty Images
Photo credit: Ken Jack - Getty Images

Zoe Ball has spoken about experiencing a common menopause symptom without knowing it while at work.

The Radio 2 presenter, who recently turned 50, told The Observer that she was interviewing Robert De Niro and Al Pacino for her breakfast show when she suddenly felt 'this great heat'.

'So the interview was going great, but suddenly I could feel it coming,' she explained. 'This great heat. It's kinda damp as well, and you go quite red. My glasses were steaming up and sliding down my nose in this great heat, in this tiny room.'

Zoe added: 'And I could see Al Pacino looking at me sort of willing me to get to the end of the question, which had no point to it by now, since I was on fire.'

At the time she had no idea she was experiencing her first hot flush. In fact, she says, 'menopause took me a while to get a handle on, but I seem to be getting there. It's a strange thing, I look at my daughter and think she's about to start that journey and I'm about to end it.'

Zoe also discussed turning 50 in lockdown – and having to cancel the 'big do' she had planned, something she wasn't too upset about.

'To be honest with you, when the pandemic came along I actually thought, "Ooh I don't have to have a party." It was quite nice,' she said.

You can read The Observer's full interview with Zoe Ball here

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