Zoë Kravitz' acid yellow pixie cut is out of this world

Pixie hair cuts are everywhere right now, and there's plenty of variety. From Emma Watson's punkie mod crop, to Anne Hathaway's bouffant take in upcoming film Armageddon Style, all the way to Dixie D'amelio's elfin post buzzcut look, and my personal fave transformation, Charithra Chandran's unrecognisable wet-look long pixie.

This Autumn going short is certainly on the menu. I mean who wouldn't be inspired by every Kar-Jenner rocking a pixie for the iconic 'come as your best Kris Jenner' party thrown for the momager's birthday?

Though one look we haven't seen before, that's less KMJ and more Topaz from Trollz, is this dazzling acid yellow curly pixie on the gorj Zoë Kravitz.

It's a look hair stylist Nikki Nelms cleverly dubbed "Zodak Yellow. ✨", we see what you did there Niks. And we SEE what you did there RE this crazy bold lewk. The striking style makes Zoë almost unrecognisable and feels like a totally new side to the ultimate cool girl.

Makeup artist Nina Park shared another snap from the shoot, this time showing Zoë's hair with a more muted pale yellow tone, and we're trying to figure out if this is two different wigs, or the witchcraft of lighting, filters and editing.

We can't inspect for much longer because that acid yellow is at risk of giving us a migraine. If it is the same hair though, we're pretty sure the stark yellow is the authentic tone, and we are very here for it.

Headache and all.

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