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'These things rock': Grab the earbuds 7,000+ fans love for only $17 — that's over 40% off

Listen up: We live in a golden age of earbuds. There are models of all sizes, shapes, colors and capabilities out there. And it's easy to lazily adopt a "Well, the most expensive ones must be the best ones" attitude. But don't, because every once in a while along comes a pair like these Zuity earbuds, which offer primo performance at a bargain-basement price.

With smart controls on par with Apple's version, a water-resistant build and a case that's designed to fit comfortably in your pocket, these buds are the whole package.

$17 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

These Ziuty Wireless Earbuds not only feel comfy-cozy but also boast some special features, such as superfast charging and easy pairing. Plus, Amazon has slashed the sale price to just $17, making the entire deal over 40% off.

Why do I need this?

The main special feature of these earbuds is the real-time battery readout on the front of the case. It's just so much easier than pulling out your phone and swiping to find out how much charge remains. The top number shows how much juice is left in the case; the two smaller indicators show readings for each bud.

Beyond the LED display, these earbuds have everything you'd expect in a quality pair. On-ear controls let you answer calls, skip songs and activate Siri. They also have multiple sound modes to pick from. Ziuty might call it "half in-ear mode," but make no mistake: It's absolutely transparency mode. You'll be able to hear your tunes, but not at such a volume that it drowns out important sounds from your surroundings.

ziuty earbuds against a green background
These Ziuty earbuds deliver excellent sound quality at a budget-friendly price. (Amazon)

What reviewers say

Its 7,700-plus five-star reviewers are impressed with the value and quality of these buds, compared to more expensive pairs. "The bass on these is amazing!" raved one. "You seriously feel like you're in a movie theater. These are the best Bluetooth headphones I've ever owned [and] they are worth every penny!"

"These are every bit as good as the 'high-end' pair I paid over $100 more for," echoed this fan. "Sometimes it pays not to buy the first products put out by the big-name brands and wait a little bit longer to find something just as good for way less [money]. From high frequencies to low bass frequencies, these things rock! ... I'm probably going to buy a pair for my car and a pair for my boat, just for convenience."

This former Apple-phile wrote, "After losing my AirPods, I decided to go with the cheaper versions. These have probably four times the battery life of Apple and you won't notice any quality difference. The only drawback is it is not as intuitive with your iPhone, but it's an easy [workaround], just slightly annoying. I'll take the literally minuscule annoyance to save 80 bucks."

One quibble: These buds claim to have 50 hours of battery life, but that's only if you alternate between earbuds. The truth is, the case can recharge the battery five times, and each earbud contains five hours on its own, so you can expect a maximum of about 30 hours of playback if listening to both earbuds at the same time.

"I love that it has a screen to show how much battery life remains," said another listener. "On one charge, the battery lasted me all week, listening a few hours a day. The headphones are very comfortable and stay in your ear during activities without worry of them falling out and getting lost. The noise canceling is great; even at mid to low volumes, it still does a wonderful job of staying clear and blocking out any outside noise. I'm thinking about getting a second pair for my girlfriend, and probably more pairs in the future for gifts. I can't recommend these headphones enough!"

You'll get 30 hours of music, audiobooks, podcasts or phone calls, all for a super-affordable price.

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$17 at Amazon

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