Zetus Lapetus! These Fila Sneakers Are Positively Intergalactic - Zenon Would Approve

India Yaffe

Zoom, zoom, zoom, these Fila Disruptor 2 Wedge Sneakers ($80) make our heart go boom, boom, boom! OK, we'll stop with the Zenon references for a minute to tell you about these adorable sneakers. They're perfect for a girl of the 21st Century (OK, we're really done now). If you're all about comfort, but you still want to give yourself a bit of height, you need this platform pair. Did we mention they're holographic and under $100? Yeah, so if you didn't want them before, you'll definitely want them now.

What can you do with this fun pair? Well, pretty much anything. We'd wear them out during the day or at night, with dresses or jeans alike. Plus, they're just so cute, and perfect for supernova girls everywhere.

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