New Zealand influencer apologises to UK after biting into a Terry’s chocolate orange

A celebrity from New Zealand has posted an apology to the UK after she filmed herself biting into a Terry’s chocolate orange - rather than going by segments.

The influencer and mental health activist from Auckland Jazz Thornton took to TikTok to post a video of herself trying some confectionery from the UK, which included Terry’s chocolate orange and Yorkshire Tea amongst others.

The original video showed her revealing the Terry’s orange chocolate, then inspecting each of its segments before taking a bite instead of the traditional whack-on-a-table method.

After taking a bite some of the segments fall away and Jazz is largely unsuccessful in eating the orange.

An army of British TikTokers swarmed on the video explaining how that her method of eating the chocolate orange was completely wrong - with some taking offence in jest.

One commented: “Someone taking a full bite of a Terry’s chocolate orange is one of the most cursed things,” while another said: “You did not just bite a chocolate orange!”

A third added: “I’m more offended she’s said Terry’s orange chocolate. It’s a Terry’s chocolate orange!!!”

What followed a day later was a groveling apology addressed to the “entirety of the UK” for doing something “very offensive” but claimed she didn’t know this would cause so much upset and uproar.

She continues that she could not find anything on the packaging explaining how to eat the chooclate in typical fashion.

She then films herself whacking it on a table to a chorus of “oooooh, ahhhhh”, while saying: “I get it now!”

Jazz finishes the video by begging the UK for forgiveness.

She said: “Look, I opened it and saw that it was in slices so I assumed that you had to get the slices.

“I tried breaking it apart it with my fingers but that was unsuccessful so I just… bit into it.

“I immediately knew my mistake when I felt the slices in my mouth fall apart.

“I would like to point out my wrapper didn’t say whack to unwrap it!”

When asked about the backlash, she said: “I didn’t know how much of a treatise Terry’s chocolate orange was until now, apparently it’s quite a big deal haha.”

She added: “I need time to recover. The Brits need time to forgive.”

Thornton is well known in New Zealand for winning Dancing with the Stars.