Zazie Beetz names 'joyful' Valentino gown as top red-carpet look

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Zazie Beetz has named the Valentino gown she wore to a premiere at the Venice Film Festival in 2019 as her favourite-ever red-carpet look.

The Atlanta actress always pulls out all of the stops whenever she attends a Hollywood event.

But while Zazie has sported many stunning outfits on the red carpet, the voluminous printed couture number she selected for the debut of Joker at the event two years ago remains her top choice.

"I have a lot of looks that I've really enjoyed. But one that I really loved, I wore to the Joker premiere in Venice in 2019. The dress was just so colourful and floral and opulent and alive in a way that made me feel so joyful," she smiled in a video for

And while Zazie may have a wardrobe stacked with gorgeous ensembles, it seems she's just as comfortable in her own skin.

"This might be a little scandalous, but when I'm naked I feel so in my body and strong... and free of all things. I just like being in my body in that way," the 29-year-old revealed.

Elsewhere in the chat, Zazie discussed her favourite foods and admitted that the most common item she "splurges" on is peanut butter.

"I will buy the expensive peanut butter," she laughed, adding: "I can't live without fruit. I love fruit, every fruit. Except I don't love tomatoes but I cook with tomatoes... (and) I don't think I could live without cookies."

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