Zara and Mike Tindall 'would consider a move to Australia' after she retires from eventing

Could the Tindalls consider a move to Australia when Zara retires from competing? [Photo: Getty]

Zara Tindall has revealed she may consider moving to Australia with her husband Mike and their two daughters once she retires from eventing.

The Queen’s granddaughter, 38, who has been married to Mike Tindall, 41, since 2011, was discussing the family’s potential plans in an exclusive interview with Now To Love.

When asked if she would consider relocating to Australia, Zara replied: “Probably not while I'm still competing. It would be a little bit hard commuting. But after that... yes, I think if an opportunity came up we'd definitely think about it.”

The couple have regularly spent time in the country, which Zara refers to as their “second home”, spending January between the Gold Coast and Sydney for the past seven years.

Though their eldest daughter, Mia, five, has joined her parents on previous trips to Australia, 2020 will be the first since welcoming their youngest daughter, Lena, in 2018.

And the active family are no doubt looking forward taking advantage of the warm weather.

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The couple have described Australia as their "second home." [Photo: Getty]

“Early January is bleak over here [in their home of Gloucestershire in England] so it's nice to be able to go and have a bit of sun,” Mike told the publication.

“I love the lifestyle of Australia and the ability to get up early, go on the beach - especially for the kids.”

The family also credit the country for their eldest daughter, Mia's love of swimming, which began during her first trip Down Under, when she was just 11 months.

The couple are also appreciative of the country’s relaxed way of life.

“I just think the people over in Australia are so laid-back and they have good banter. No one's worried about talking to each other. It's not a rushed lifestyle. I think it's a great place and we enjoy it so much,” Mike continued.

Zara and Mike Tindall attend the Moet Marquee Magic Millions Raceday at the Gold Coast, Australia in January 2019 [Photo: Getty]

The Tindalls were last in Australia, last January when Zara competed in the Gold Coast's Magic Millions Polo Tournament.

The daughter of Princess Anne looked stunning in a lace, tiered mini dress for the more formal part of the sporting event, before changing into her whites to get into the saddle and compete.