How Zara McDermott reacted to ex Adam Collard entering the Love Island villa

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Love Island 2022 has come through with potentially the biggest plot twist of all: the return of iconic ex-Islander and ultimate bombshell, Adam Collard.

And while viewers were collectively *shocked* to hear of Adam's return at the end of Sunday night's episode, one person with quite the response was Adam's Love Island ex-girlfriend, Zara McDermott.

Adam and Zara met on the 2018 season of the show, going on to date for around eight months in the outside world before eventually calling it quits.

Zara has since been very loved up with Made in Chelsea star Sam Thompson - with boyfriend Sam now exposing Zara's reaction to Adam on social media. As expected, it's pretty dramatic.

Photo credit: Ricky Vigil M - Getty Images
Photo credit: Ricky Vigil M - Getty Images

In case you didn't watch allll the way to the end of last night's new Love Island instalment, the episode finished with an epic cliffhanger teaser - showing an anonymous new bombshell climbing out of the pool, before revealing him to be Adam at the very last second. The drama!!

Taking to TikTok, Sam filmed Zara's live reaction to the plot twist announcement, posting a video with the caption, "When your girlfriend sees her ex appear on #loveisland 😂😂😂😂."

Sam kicked off by narrating along with the bombshell introduction, heard saying "wow, he's jacked." He goes on, "Who's this guy? Who's this absolute animal..." before shouting, "It's your ex-boyfriend!" just as Adam turns around.

Zara can be seen with a face of *pure* shock, laughing and shouting, "No! You're f***ing joking." We then see her jumping up off the sofa to shout, "Woah, woah woah, rewind that!" while Sam screams, "Oh my goddd, this is the best series ever!!"

So, yeah, *quite* the dramatic reaction from these two. Have a watch here:

Sam also added an extra caption over the top of the video, writing, "Don't think I've ever seen her face light up like that for me 😂😂😂😂." Still, Zara and Sam seem to be very much still loved up as far as social media goes:

Ready for more Love Island dramz.

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