Zara Has Just Re-Released the Spotty Dress, So Prepare to See It Everywhere

Zoe Anastasiou

It’s not often that a dress captures the cultural zeitgeist enough to have an Instagram page dedicated to it, but that’s exactly what happened last summer thanks to that Zara spotty dress. Omnipresent on the streets of London, the spotty dress became a viral cultural phenomenon, with memes and images of the midi popping up literally all over the place.

Given its unparalleled impact, it seems Zara is hoping to build on the dress’s popularity as the high-street retailer has just released a new version of the beloved product. Featuring the exact same tiered trapeze shape and polka-dot pattern (obviously) the latest iteration of the dress is essentially exactly like the last, only constructed in a slightly different fabrication.

The new Zara dress features crease-effect fabric, which—as far as we can tell from the images on the product page—has a slight sheen to it and seems to be slightly thicker than the original material. This new fabrication makes the dress feel slightly more elevated and perhaps even more appropriate for dressier occasions.

Will this dress be as popular as its predecessor? Will we see it all over the streets of London next week? Will it have its very own Instagram account? Only time will tell, though if the Hot 4 the Spot Instagram account’s 25,000 followers are any indication, we think this dress is set to be just as ubiquitous as the last.

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