Zara's Best Boots Have Arrived (and Celebs Are Already Wearing Them)

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On paper, Emily Ratajkowski and I don't exactly have much in common, but as the saying goes, you learn something new every day. Spoiler alert: That's certainly the case today, as I've just discovered that EmRata is just as in love with the Zara boots I've been mulling over as I am. How do I know this? She just wore them out.

After a celebrity-sighting dry spell, the fact that we're treated to A-list appearances on the regular again remains a thrill. Every morning, I start my day by scouting who was out and about and, indeed, what they were wearing. So you imagine my delight when I clocked Emily Ratajkowski on the streets of New York wearing an outfit that not only I immediately wanted to re-create in its entirety but also featured the very same pair of Zara knee-high boots lingering in my basket.

Then it dawned on me: If she's wearing them, that means they could sell out faster than I anticipated. I like to be mindful about every purchase I make, and seldom do I feel swayed to buy something that a celebrity has worn on that basis alone, but perhaps this is the sign I need to finally invest in a pair of Western boots, which, in case you didn't know, just so happen to be one of the biggest boot trends of 2021.

Zara Leather Cowboy Boots (£119)

That said, Western boots have enduring appeal, too, and are certainly not a one-off for 2021. You need only look to Isabel Marant, whose Western boots continue to be in-demand year after year—and not just in the winter. Western is one of the only boot styles that fashion people continuously in the summer months, too, making them a year-round staple.

Right now, though, I'd quite like to wear them, well, just as Ratajkowski has—with a pair of jeans tucked in, a roll-neck and an oversized blazer. If, however, you're not as into the Western vibe as I am, scroll on to see the other excellent knee-high boots that have just landed on Zara.


Arket Wool Blend Twill Blazer (£135)

Le Specs Outta Love Sunglasses (£40)

Ninety Percent Kaye Ribbed Organic Cotton Roll-Neck Top (£35)

Abercrombie & Fitch 90s Ultra High Rise Straight Jeans (£72)

Zara Leather Cowboy Boots (£119)


Zara Riding Boots (£56)

Zara Leather Boots (£149)

Zara Split Suede Cowboy Boots (£119)

Zara Flat Leather Boots With Buckle (£119)

Zara Leather High-Heel Boots (£119)

Zara Leather Cowboy Boots (£109)

Zara Heeled Leather Boots (£159)

Zara Embellished Heeled Boots (£70)

Zara Leather Boots (£149)

Zara Lace-Up Leather Boots With Track Soles (£149)

Zara Split Suede Heeled Boots (£109)

Zara Patent Finish Heeled Boots (£70)

Zara Leather Cowboy Boots (£119)

Zara Leather Knee Boots (£149)

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