Zack Snyder's next movie is getting a video game tie-in from Netflix Games

 Rebel Moon
Rebel Moon

Rebel Moon, the upcoming sci-fi blockbuster film series from Zack Snyder, is getting a video game adaptation that will expand the universe.

Snyder himself took to the stage during Gamescom 2023 Opening Night Live to announce the Rebel Moon video game tie-in, though he revealed very little other than a few key details.

For example, we know the game is being developed by Super Evil Megacorp, a studio best known for mobile games including Catalyst Black and Vainglory. We also know from an announcement on the studio's website that the Rebel Moon video game will be a four-player co-op action game exclusive to Netflix subscribers. Super Evil Megacorp says it's in "close collaboration with the movie team to provide an additive and detailed look at the universe and factions you will experience in the film."

"As you can see from the trailer, the universe of Rebel Moon is vast and exotic, dark and dangerous; truly a fantasy primed for rich storytelling and the committed dreams of our development team," reads the announcement. "Building worlds is our passion and the opportunity to collaborate on this one has been a dream come true making us equal parts excited and terrified by the creative challenge ahead."

Snyder added that the game adaptation will take place "right after" the events of the two movies: Rebel Moon: Part One - A Child of Fire, which hits Netflix on December 22, and Rebel Moon: Part Two - The Scargiver, which doesn't yet have a release date.

Without so much as a teaser trailer, official title, or release date, we know very little about Netflix Games' Rebel Moon adaptation, but Super Evil Megacorp says we'll learn more "when the time is right."

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