Zachary Levi's dad dies

Zachary Levi's dad has died credit:Bang Showbiz
Zachary Levi's dad has died credit:Bang Showbiz

Zachary Levi's father has died.

The 'Shazam! Fury Of The Gods' actor is mourning the loss of Darrell Pugh after he lost his battle with cancer last week, but he is taking comfort in the fact his dad is "no longer trapped in his decaying body".

In a message titled Papa D, he wrote on Instagram: "Many of you have been asking for an update on my dad, Darrell. Though he fought valiantly until the end, my pop passed away peacefully a few days ago, surrounded by friends and family.

"Watching anyone slowly die of cancer is one of the worst experiences I can attest to. But knowing that he is no longer trapped in his decaying body, and now singing karaoke in heaven, gives me so much peace and joy."

The 42-year-old actor thanked his fans for their support and concern.

He added: "And, knowing how many of you were continuously sending him love, and thoughts, and prayers gives me even more faith in humanity. Knowing that he felt and appreciated it all, as did our whole family.

"Thank you for your overwhelming kindness thru such a difficult time. Sending you all endless love and light right back.(sic)"

Zachary admitted two weeks ago that his father was "not long for this world".

He tweeted: "Sittin in my dad’s hospital room with him. He’s not doin so hot right now. The thyroid cancer just won’t quit, and is slowly overtaking his trachea ... Papa D is not long for this world.(sic)"

A number of the actor's famous friends were quick to send their condolences.

His 'Tangled' co-star Mandy Moore wrote: "Sending you and your family all my love, Zac."

Lucy Liu posted: Holding you so tightly friend [heart emoji] (sic)"

Matt Bomer added: "I’m so sorry to hear this. Love you Zach- my condolences to you and your family.(sic)"