Yup – We're All Cutting Onions Wrong According To This Chef

It turns out that while sobbing our way through onions, we’ve been cutting them completely wrong.

By following this chef’s method, not only will you get your chopped onion wayyyy finer, you’ll also get perfect cubes every single time.

Enter Youtube-famous chef Joshua Weissman, who took to TikTok to share how we should be cutting the popular veg up.

He explained that most of us “cut the top off, cut in half and peel” before attempting to dice the onion by slicing half way through it horizontally before slicing downwards.

Well, although this works ‘just fine’ according to Weissman, it’s not how the pros do it.

Instead, start by chopping BOTH ends off, remove all the skin from the onion and then cut it in half.

Take each layer of the onion apart (yes really, bear with us on this) and slice each section lengthways BUT not the whole way through, you want it to stay attached at the end.

Now slice your onion the opposite way and voila, teenie tiny perfect cubes of oniony deliciousness.

Yeah, it takes a little longer than our normal method, but as Weissman, this is the ‘only way to get onion this fine.’

A whopping 975k people have liked the content creator’s TikTok vid, however, not everyone agrees with the chef in the comments section.

“As someone who’s cooked in fine dining for several years, I’ve never done this,” wrote one professional.

“I’ll run out of tears by the third layer,” added another.

Either way, we’ve never been able to get our onions this fine – we’ll let you have this one Joshua.