Yungblud felt 'voiceless' as a teenager

Yungblud has recalled feeling voiceless credit:Bang Showbiz
Yungblud has recalled feeling voiceless credit:Bang Showbiz

Yungblud felt "voiceless" at the age of 18.

The chart-topping star has recalled feeling "furious at the world" during his younger years, but his attitude and approach to life has changed thanks to his fans.

Yungblud - whose real name is Dominic Harrison - explained: "When I was 18, I was so furious at the world. I was so furious at the government, at Brexit. I felt so voiceless.

"But how can I be angry when I live in this community? I've realised the protection we have within each other."

The 25-year-old star enjoyed huge success with his 2020 album 'Weird!', which featured collaborations with the likes of Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker.

The success opened a lot of doors for Yungblud, but it wasn't an entirely positive experience.

He said: "I had access to every studio I wanted, and every songwriter wanted to work with me. But I'd have all these American producers going, 'Oh, you're doing the rock thing? I could get in on that.'

"I'm like, 'Clear off. What do you mean, I'm doing the 'rock thing', like it's in inverted commas'?"

Yungblud has also rubbished accusations of insincerity.

He explained to the BBC: "Everyone was questioning my authenticity and it hurt me. People were harsher to me than they were in high school. It made my world turn inside out."

Last year, Yungblud admitted to admiring musicians who "followed their own path".

The singer has admiration for the likes of Blondie and Lady Gaga, admitting that he's been inspired by how they've approached their careers.

He said: "The bands I love, like The Cure, The Smiths, Joy Division, Blondie, Madonna, Lady Gaga, they did their own thing, they followed their own path. They followed it relentlessly, they followed it without excuse, they followed it without apology.

"That's what I want to do."