Yungblud felt 'lost and lonely as a kid'

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Yungblud felt lonely as a kid credit:Bang Showbiz
Yungblud felt lonely as a kid credit:Bang Showbiz

Yungblud feels protected by his fans.

The 25-year-old singer felt "lost and lonely as a kid" - but he's now managed to find a sense of "community" through his music.

He shared: "I felt so lost and lonely as a kid.

"Walking down the street I felt alone, even if I was surrounded by 10 mates. And through this music, I got to find a community that would protect me."

Yungblud - whose real name is Dominic Harrison - finds strength and comfort in the support of his fans.

The '11 Minutes' hitmaker told the BBC: "I open my chest up, I put my heart on a plate and I know people will look after it. Even if the rest of the world spits on it or treads on it, someone will pick it up and sew me back together."

Yungblud has already won a number of awards during his career, including NME and MTV gongs. But he insists that receiving accolades isn't his ultimate motivation.

He said: "That stuff's okay. That sits on my shelf and I can put it on my wall but it doesn't light my soul on fire. What lights my soul on fire is creating a sense of belonging."

Meanwhile, Yungblud recently claimed that he and Lewis Capaldi create "carnage" whenever they're together on nights out.

The singer explained that they love going on boozy nights out together and they usually end up staying out past 6am.

Yungblud shared: "It’s carnage. At the end of the day it’s just f****** ... the beer taps get drunk dry, to be honest.

"We always end up behind the bar. If we’re drinking, we come in for a quiet drink and the pubs of the UK drag us behind the bar and we’re out until 6am.

"Then my manager’s trying to wake me up in bed because I’ve got an interview at ten.

"He’s like, ‘What happened?’ And I’m like, ‘I was out with Lewis again ... '"