You've got to see Rihanna's braided hair architectural *masterpiece* in her latest Super Bowl teaser

As announced last year, Rihanna will be performing at this year's NFL Super Bowl halftime show. I repeat, Bad Gal RiRi will be performing at thee NFL Super Bowl 2023 halftime show! And now, she's only gone and teased her upcoming live performance on social media with a post that has us catching flies... jaw to the floor 'n' all.

OK, so now that we've got one major piece of Friday news out of the way, let's delve into the incredible hair look – both of which accompany each other in the video announcement shared on Rihanna's very own Instagram page.

Of course, it was only fitting that for such a special message, the star went all out on the beauty look. And whilst her smokey green eye and flushed pink cheek makeup glam looks immaculate (as always), what we're most astounded by is the braided sculpture of a hairdo.

See all that we're talking about in the viral clip below:

I mean, the intricate detailing and crafting of the plaited and bubble-shaped braids is giving 'I'm an architectural genius'. Basically, it's an absolute masterpiece and one only fit for a Queen... Queen, Rih, that is.

Hair aside, what also makes Rih's upcoming performance so noteworthy, is the fact that she hasn't performed live since 2018 when she took to the Grammy Awards stage. And even more so, that she hasn't released an album since 2016's 'Anti'.

We look forward to 12 February when we're sure we'll be given a show (and beauty lewk) to remember.

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