Have You Ever Babysat For A Super Rich Family? What's The Wildest Experience You Had?

It's no secret that working as a nanny or babysitter can be exhausting and hectic. But taking care of kids whose families are many, many, manyyyyy tax brackets above you can come with an even extra set of challenges.

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Perhaps you nannied for a wealthy family who asked you to accompany them on a family vacation. You didn't know the parents too well because they were busy and mostly left you to your own devices, but you liked the kids and agreed to go. When you arrived at the private villa, you were immediately shocked to learn just how rude your bosses were to those they deemed "the help." When the parents weren't off sunbathing or partying with other couples, they were snapping at you, their private chef, and the housekeeping staff. They berated everyone for doing their jobs "incorrectly," though they never lifted a finger. You decided you could handle working for them back home, but you'd never travel with them again.

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Maybe you frequently babysat for a loaded family living in a fancy penthouse. Over half of their apartment was deemed "no kids allowed," and you were forced to keep the kids essentially locked away in a small portion of the space. They had their rooms, a playroom, and a bathroom, but they weren't allowed to venture elsewhere. The parents had antique furniture and fancy art they didn't want the kids to destroy. You had to use the intercom to buzz the kitchen to tell the staff when the kids were hungry, and they would bring the food over to you. You found it pretty bizarre.

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Or maybe you filled in for your friend one night when she couldn't babysit one of her regular families. She warned you the kids were snobby and knew their parents were wealthy, but nothing could've prepared you for their behavior. They destroyed toy after toy, remarking, "It doesn't matter if I break it because Daddy will buy me a new one." They made snide remarks about your clothes, car, and phone, and they rolled their eyes every time you asked them to do a single thing, like throw their trash away or pick up toys they were done using. You never volunteered to cover for your friend again.

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Or, perhaps you nannied for a rich family who took fashion very seriously. The mother insisted on dressing the toddlers in all designer brands, and she went berserk if she saw them wearing anything other than the outfit she laid out for them that morning. You once had to change a kid into a different set of clothes because they spilled juice all over themselves, and when the mom returned home from the gym and said hi, she flipped out when she spotted her kid's outfit. She was even more distraught when you told her you were still trying to remove the stain from the original shirt. You thought it was ridiculous to expect little kids to keep designer clothes pristine.

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If you've ever nannied or babysat for a super wealthy family, do you have any wild stories? What was your experience like? Tell us in the comments or submit anonymously using this form for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.