This YouTuber Turned a Plastic Target Bag Into a Patriotic Shirt

YouTuber Jasmine Brown got creative for the Fourth of July. (Photo: Instagram/iamreggiemoore)

Jasmine Brown is a popular YouTuber, known to her more than 1.3 million subscribers for her beauty and lifestyle videos. But on the Fourth of July, Brown tested out some DIY fashion. In a number of social media posts, Brown and her brother Reggie Moore showed just how crafty they could be to come up with the perfect patriotic outfit. Brown tells Yahoo Style that putting together the ideal look was a struggle, but there’s absolutely no question that she totally succeeded.

“We were getting ready to take some pictures for Instagram for the Fourth, and I couldn’t find anything to wear. I kept trying on clothes and it just wasn’t working for me,” she says. “I so happened to have hangers in a Target bag on my floor, and [my brother] looked down and said, ‘There you go — there’s your outfit for today,’ and we both just started laughing.”

Turning the plastic bag into an item of clothing started as a joke, until the two began cutting it into something that Brown could potentially wear. With the help of her brother, she got it on and immediately started taking photos.

“We went ahead and sent another picture to our family out in Texas, our mom, dad and two other brothers, and captioned it ‘happy 4th of July!’ just to see what they would say. And they replied, ‘Thanks … is that a Target bag?’ So it was super funny.”

Getting a laugh from their parents sparked the idea to throw the photo on Instagram. But neither Brown nor Moore could have anticipated the widespread reaction to the look — especially those saying how well she wears it.

“When I posted it online, a lot of people were saying, ‘Whoa, still rocking a plastic bag!’ I didn’t think I was; I just thought it was funny,” Brown said. “Over 600,000 people have actually viewed it in two days; I didn’t think that many people would.”

Although both Brown’s and Moore’s posts have received quite a bit of attention, Brown says that Target was tagged in it but hasn’t yet replied. As for the future of this plastic bag as a shirt trend, she’s waiting for more people to catch on.

“A lot of people said they were going to [try it] in the comments, but I haven’t seen anyone redo it yet.”

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