YouTuber Smashes Café’s 5000-Calorie Breakfast Challenge in 14 Minutes

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We know how challenges go. A young, naïve vlogger attempts an impossible eating challenge only to fail halfway through before throwing up and warning others to not try this at home. Well, this one is a little different. He actually completes it. Easily.

Adam Moran, a personal trainer and competitive eater from Leeds – otherwise known as Beard Meats Food – has become the first person to conquer the breakfast challenge created by The Picnic Basket in Marston Green. It's a challenge that many people have failed over the last 12 months.

Moran, who once held the world record for chowing down 17 Big Macs in under sixty minutes, had to devour a 5000-calorie breakfast comprising of five Lashford sausages, five rashers of bacon, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, five eggs, five slices of toast (fried, if you wish), three black puddings and five hash browns. Plus, unlimited tea or coffee. It wouldn't be a proper full-English without a cup of builder's tea, after all.

To make things harder, Moran had to clear his plate within 30 minutes. One can only imagine the resulting heartburn. Fast forward just 14 minutes and 18 seconds later and the final slice of fried bread was gone. And how did Moran celebrate? With a slice of chocolate fudge cake, of course.

If you ever find yourself in the Solihull area and feeling a bit peckish, pop down and give it a go. It’ll set you back £13.50 – complete it, however, and you’ll get it for free and the café will donate the price of the meal to a local charity or community group. Everybody wins. Apart from your heart health.

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