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Everyone Hand Soap, Apricot and Vanilla

If you think you should wash your hands, you should probably wash your hands. Stock up on this Everyone Hand Soap, Apricot and Vanilla ($10, originally $15).

If You're Staying Home, Stock Up on These 40 Essentials

The coronavirus has been dominating news headlines everywhere, and since there's so much we're still learning, it's important for us all to stay safe and aware. As more and more people are working from home and practice some social distancing, our homes are becoming our sanctuaries now more than ever. In order to make our space feel as welcoming as possible, we need to stock up on some essentials. We're thinking long and hard about both our mental and physical health right now, and it's important to have some basic necessities on hand should we need them.

Everything from soap and Lysol to chocolate and pasta are all considered essentials to us, because it's important to make yourself feel good on the inside and out. We've broken down our picks into both sanitary and medical needs and nonperishable food products. Just keep reading to shop our selects.


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