If You're a Year-Round Hallo-Queen, Check Out This Brand's Retro-Cool Collection

Haley Lyndes

Want to hear something spooky? Retro-cool fashion brand Unique Vintage has already dropped its 2020 Halloween collection (yes, in July), and it's filled with all the goth-glam attire you need for a spooktacular All Hallows' Eve. Although no one's quite sure what Halloween will look like this year, true Hallo-queens keep the spirit alive year-round - and now you can dress the part as well.

If you feel like it's never too early to celebrate the haunted holiday, you've got to check out Unique Vintage's creepy-cute striped skirts, haunted t-shirts, black cat accessories, and even its festive home goods. The collection is made for diehard Halloween fans, so if you've been counting down the days until Oct. 31, you now have the green light to celebrate safely in your own fa-boo-lous fashion. Check out the spooky chic home decor and cheeky holiday clothing, ahead.


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