If You're Not Broiling Your Frozen Pizza, You're Seriously Missing Out

Frozen pizza cooking in oven
Frozen pizza cooking in oven - Bauwimauwi/Shutterstock

Pizza is delicious no matter how it's prepared -- whether you're enjoying Margherita pizza in the heart of Italy or a cracker-thin crust from your favorite delivery spot, pizza seldom disappoints. Even a pre-assembled pizza from the freezer can really hit the spot when you're really craving something saucy and cheesy. But for most people, these chilly pizzas are the last resort when it comes to an ideal pizza night.

Frozen pizzas are extremely easy to make and take practically no time or effort, but for some people, the quality of the meal reflects that. It can be difficult to perfect the right temperature and time in the oven. It's not uncommon to pull your pizza out of the oven too early and realize it is still cold in the middle, only to place it back in the oven and burn it. But with a quick light of the broiler function on your oven, your frozen pizza problems will disappear. When you broil your frozen pizza for a few minutes before serving, your pizza is properly cooked through while the toppings become extra crispy without a hint of char.

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Broiling Vs. Baking

hand placing frozen pizza in oven
hand placing frozen pizza in oven - Tornado98/Getty Images

Turning on your broiler is a pizza hack that results in incredibly melty and crispy pizza that is shockingly good -- you'll forget that your slice of pizza was in the freezer a mere 30 minutes prior. You can upgrade your frozen pizza by turning the oven to broil but don't forget to bake it first.

Broiling your pizza alone will result in a less optimal meal. Instead, follow the box instructions regarding preheating and cooking time, and switch to broil when your pizza has one or two minutes remaining. The broiling function is very similar to a grill, using hot, dry heat to cook. Unlike the baking option that surrounds your food with warm air to cook evenly, the broil feature cooks from the top down. The intense amount of direct heat causes the cheese and toppings on your pizza to get a nice and toasty, almost smoky-like flavor, but it will burn the toppings to a crisp before ever cooking the dough underneath if you don't bake your pizza first. You also want to be careful not to keep your pizza under the broiler for too long after you've baked it, as it can quickly burn the top of your pizza if you aren't keeping a watchful eye.

More Ways To Elevate Your Frozen Pizza

Person cutting pizza on wooden board
Person cutting pizza on wooden board - yackers1/Shutterstock

Broiling alone adds a level of sophistication to frozen pizza we never knew we needed, and the cooking hack isn't the only way we've learned to transform our icy slice into a gourmet meal. A frozen pizza doesn't have to be a finished meal straight out of the packaging. Consider the pizza a blank canvas waiting for you to add your favorite fresh ingredients. Try adding more elevated ingredients like hot soppressata and honey to a cheese pizza for a sweet and spicy kick, or layer fresh prosciutto and arugula on top of a white pizza hot out of the oven. Next time you're about to throw a frozen pizza into the oven, take a peek into your fridge to see what else you could add to heighten your pizza experience.

If you are fresh out of ingredients, you can still elevate your pizza for a restaurant-worthy slice. Adding a drizzle of olive oil can really enhance the flavors in your pizza, or rub it around the frozen dough for an extra crispy crust. You can also add seasonings like garlic powder, oregano, and red chili flakes for an even more sophisticated bite, just like the best late-night pizza spots in New York City.

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