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H&M Wool-Blend Coat

This pretty lavender H&M Wool-Blend Coat ($70) will keep you warm and cozy.

The 20 Coats Worth Wearing in 2020

Fashion girls know that, come Winter, their coat is the statement-making piece of their outfit. You could be wearing couture or pajamas, but the coat speaks first, and it's so important to get right. We wear coats every single day, and we like to have a few different options, especially if we feel like changing up our styles. When the temperature dips, we stock up on coats, and these are the 20 we like this year.

So, what exactly are the styles we'll be wearing into the new year? Right now, we're into ultrawarm puffer coats, classic buttoned shapes, and lots of faux fur. When it comes to coats, we like neutrals because they're so easy to pair with a bunch of different outfits. Start 2020 with your best coat forward.


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