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Topshop Ally Faux Fur Double Breasted Jacket

You'll Be Seeing This 1 Cool Coat Everywhere This Autumn

Look, I love a little luxury, but I also love animals. So this season, when shopping for a new coat, I'm choosing faux fur. Not only is the material a total head-turner. but it keeps you especially warm. A faux fur coat is an excellent investment because it will look chic and relevant all the way through Winter. The fluffy texture will add drama and glamour to your look, so you can't go wrong, no matter where you may be heading off to.

From cute cropped styles to statement wrapped coats, these 13 options belong in your closet. And not to worry - these coats come in all sorts of colors, from basic black to cool lavender and deep red. Try your hand at a few of our favorite picks.

- Additional reporting by Macy Cate Williams


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