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New York City historic rubbish

Aspirin tins: Squibb, found in the south side of the first floor airshaft in 1993; Bayer tablets, found under the floorboards in the kitchen of what is the recreated Moore Apartment on the fourth floor in 2008, and Akend, found under the floorboards in the kitchen of Apartment 3 on the second floor of 97 near the sink in 1993. (Photo: Caters News)

New York historic rubbish

These pictures give a fascinating insight into the history of New York City through its forgotten rubbish. The trash includes an old bagel, a love letter and old medicine boxes. They are among more than 6,000 items found in the city and restored by the Tenement Museum. Most of the rubbish was found in one building thought to have housed thousands of immigrants during the 1930s. Historians also found a wedding invitation, a doll’s head and a library notice. (Caters News)

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