Yolanda Hadid returns to social media with post detailing her depression

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Yolanda Hadid made her return to social media with an honest post about the depression she's been suffering.

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star returned to social media on 31 July after a nine-month hiatus.

In her first post after rejoining Instagram, Yolanda revealed she has been struggling with grief, depression, and symptoms of her Lyme disease.

“After the loss of my mother I really struggled with depression followed by a lyme (disease) relapse,” she explained. “The emotional stress and grief strongly effected (sic) my immune system.”

Yolanda’s mother Ans van den Herik died aged 78 in September 2019 after a battle with cancer.

Continuing in her post, Yolanda, the mother of models Gigi and Bella Hadid, wrote that her phone addiction didn’t help with her depression, as “it started to take so much time away from being present in my life”.

But following her “wonderful reset” from social media, she enthused: “I am excited to be back and see what you've all been up too (sic).”

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