Yes! You Can Buy An Iced Coffee Maker And It Literally Does All The Work For You

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Photo credit: Breville - Getty Images
Photo credit: Breville - Getty Images

Love iced coffee as much as we do? Sure you do, you're reading this article, right?! So, you'll probably want us to get straight to the point... we've just discovered this Iced Coffee Maker, courtesy of Breville, and we're pretty much obsessed.

Yep! That's a machine that makes iced coffee for you. Featuring a super-easy 3-step process, this thing quickly cools concentrated, hot-brewed coffee over ice to deliver flavoursome drinks in just four minutes. Four minutes, people!

This means you can create delicious, iced drinks with zero prep, all without having to chill brewed coffee. Win/win!

What's more, there's no fiddling with measurements, as it comes with a simple measuring system to ensure perfectly balanced iced coffee, always.

Available via Amazon for just £40, we can't help but think about all of the iced coffee possibilities. Biscoff iced coffee, anyone?

As well as the coffee maker, this kit comes complete with a double-wall insulated tumbler, straw, coffee scoop and removable filter.

Since we're on the topic of iced coffee, have you ever tried mixing it Nutella? A-huh, that's a thing! And it's totally delicious.

We first heard about Nutella cold brews when @caffeinication shared the most satisfying video of one being made on TikTok. Honestly – you’ll never feel calmer than after watching this…

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