Yes, what bra you need depends on your breast shape: 14 to buy now

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Photo credit: Luis Alvarez - Getty Images

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We bought you our edit of the best sports bras on the market right now, the sexiest Christmas lingerie and a complete guide to the many different types of boobs women have. Next up? How to know what type of bra is best for your breast type.

How much do you really know about your boobs? Because, fun fact, what type of boob you have is the ultimate indicator of which type of bra will best suit you.

It may sound super obvious, but bigger boobs will likely need more support and lift, while smaller chested women will probably prefer more anchoring.

Worth noting here: there's absolutely nothing stopping you from wearing whatever bra you want. Got a bigger bust and feel more comfortable in a triangle bra? Go girl. Smaller chested and more keen on the balconettes? You do you. This is simply a rough outline of how an expert would advise you buy, were you to go for a bra fitting in person.

Best bra shops:

  • Boux Avenue

  • Agent Provocateur

  • Ann Summers

  • Bravissimo

  • Intimissi

  • Freya

  • Figleaves

  • Simply Be

  • Calvin Klein

  • ASOS

We picked the brains of Bravissimo bra fitting expert Louise Gardner, who shared her top tips on which style to opt for. All boobs are different, but to find the best bra for you (and the most comfortable fit), follow these suggestions from an expert.

Whether you're after the best bra for lift, the best bra for side support, the best bra for long flights or the best bras for a large bust, we've got something for everyone. Time to clue up.

How to find the best bra for your type of breast

Best bra for a small chest

If you've got smaller breasts, a demi bra will offer the perfect amount of support for you. Why? Well, as Louise explains, the wide-set straps will help to anchor the sides of your bra even more, making you feel super comfortable.

Best bra for side support

So, it's side support you're after. Louise recommends opting for a triangle, wireless bra. Underwire will work to allow your breasts to sit more comfortably in the front and, with less at the sides, that might dig in. If underwire isn't comfortable at all, go for a triangle-shaped, wireless bra that works naturally with your own shape. Any extra support at the sides, like boning or seaming, is a bonus.

Best bra for long flights

Two words: max comfort. Behold, the t-shirt bra. If you've got smaller boobs, you can pretty much wear what you want - bralettes ahoy. If you're looking for some added shape and coverage, or need extra support, moulded t-shirt bras will be a great option, says Louise. Padding will also provide extra shape and lift if you want it.

Best bra for a large bust

The best bra for a large bust can feel impossible to find, but Louise reckons a balconette bra is the ideal selection if you're looking for a great all-rounder. "A balconette means boobs are lifted, separated and supported, without coming too high in the cup. This style gives you a nice rounded shape and is perfect for everyday wear," she explains.

Best bra for lift

Looking for some lift? "Full cup bras are the best bra for lift, as they're great for bigger or unsupported boobs" says Louise. "The higher cut means a more demure coverage when you need it," she adds.

Best bra for lift and side support

Next up: the best bra for lift and side support. Louise says explains that if you have uneven or naturally less buoyant boobs, a moulded cup bra can provide a more rigid structure. "The smooth, rounded, cup, will keep your boobs safely holstered, whilst creating a soft but defined outline for your bust," she explains.


Best bra for cleavage

This can be for aesthetic reasons or for if you have fuller boobs which touch in the middle, explains Louise. "You'll find a plunge bra the most comfortable option", she shares.

"If you have a bigger gap between your boobs, a plunge or balconette style with a shorter underwire will be most comfortable. For a forward fitting shape, look for styles with a hidden side sling."

Happy shopping.

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