Yep, A Percy Pig Dessert Sauce Exists And It Looks Pretty Amazing

Marianna Gould
Photo credit: Kev's Snack Reviews

From Delish

Let me introduce Percy Pig Dessert Sauce. Yep, that's right. The famous pig is back and better than ever this new year and, let's just say, he's in a completely different form. As well as selling a whole range of Percy Pig goodies, M&S is now welcoming this super-sweet sauce for you to drizzle over anything and everything. I know, I know. Your New Year's resolution is to "be healthier" and "avoid temptation", but c'mon, it's Percy after all...

We first got news of this when Kev’s Snack Reviews on Instagram posted a photo, along with a review of the dessert sauce.

Coming in a rather cute little bottle, the sauce is, well, pink (obvs) and described as being a "very sweet, almost tangy sauce with the unmistakable Percy Pig flavour." An "unmistakable Percy Pig flavour", isn't that what we love to hear?

(Scroll through the below Instagram for Percy Pig Dessert Sauce content.)

But what do you have it with? Well, we love the idea of smothering this stuff over some ice cream and even on your pancakes for the ultimate sweet breakfast.

And if you really are Percy obsessed, you should definitely head to M&S to get your hands on a Percy Pig Muffin. You bet these babies are bright pink in colour, flavoured with a Percy Pig buttercream and filled with strawberry jam.

Just a thought, how about Percy Pig Dessert Sauce over Percy Pig Muffins? Or is that too far...

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