After Yellowstone's 1944 And 2024 Spinoffs Were Announced, Fans Had All The Thoughts About Taylor Sheridan's Franchise Expanding (Again)

 Kevin Costner leaning against his hand while sitting at the dinner table in Yellowstone.
Kevin Costner leaning against his hand while sitting at the dinner table in Yellowstone.

It all started with Yellowstone. Then we got to know the Dutton family in 1883 and 1923. Now, we’re going to see new generations of them with the announcement of the new spinoffs 1944 and 2024. These two new Yellowstone shows were confirmed along with the news that the final portion of Season 5 would air in late 2024 after months of rumors regarding drama between the show and its star, Kevin Costner. Now, fans have taken to social media to share their thoughts on the future of this franchise, and they have lots of feelings about this fictional Western world expanding...again.

Along with the previously announced 6666 and Season 2 of 1923, there have been two more shows added to the Yellowstone universe. This includes 2024, and its title has baffled fans, myself included. It would seem like this series will be the previously announced Yellowstone sequel series that might star Matthew McConaughey, but we really don’t know. The lack of knowledge surrounding the show that will seemingly take place right after the events of the Kevin Costner-led drama has fans poking fun at the possible premise, as @DoubleOh_Kevin posted:

lol 2024, so basically Yellowstone without Kevin Costner

Thinking along the same lines, @MarkAnthony2021 took to X to post about their confusion surrounding the newly announced Yellowstone series. They said:

Wouldn't 2024 just be Yellowstone?

When 1944 and 2024 were announced, it was also confirmed that the more modern spinoff would feature crossover characters from Yellowstone, and I have ideas of who it should be (Rip, Beth, Jimmy, etc.). So, it would seem that the sequel series will be directly related to its predecessor. However, for some fans, they’d rather just see the OG show carry on. @theScantman posted:

Yellowstone's fifth season being its last is a sad fact we all have to come to terms with. However, there will be no shortage of Dutton content. When it comes to the future of the Paramount franchise, many fans got a good laugh out of just how many shows Sheridan has created in such a short amount of time. Here are a few of the highlights:

Meanwhile, other fans just want to see existing shows continue, they don’t really want more spinoffs. @picturemerichh is one of those folks, they posted:

I just want 1883 and 1923 season 2 to be announced 😭😭😭😭

However, there are other fans who seem to be on board with us exploring every generation of the Dutton’s history, and they have some ideas for Taylor Sheridan’s next spinoff. @Sxottlan posted:

But I want to know what specifically happened on the ranch in 1957.

No matter what you think about the ever-expanding world of Yellowstone, there’s no denying that it’ll be interesting to see where Taylor Sheridan takes the Dutton’s stories with these new spinoffs. However, it’s going to be a while before we see 1944 and 2024, along with the final season of the flagship series. So, in the meantime, make sure to get caught up by streaming Yellowstone with a Peacock subscription and all of Sheridan’s other shows with a Paramount+ subscription.