Yellowstone star Kevin Costner 'so sorry' after missing Golden Globe for sad reason

Kevin Costner has apologised for missing the Golden Globe Awards on Monday, saying that "no one is sadder" that he was unable to be there to collect the Best Actor accolade.

Posting on Twitter, the Yellowstone star revealed that he and his wife, Christine Baumgartner, were unable to attend the event due to flooding in California, saying: "Hi everyone. Look, I'm so sorry for everyone who is tuning in to watch the Golden Globes. Yesterday we had to pull the kids out of school in Santa Barbara this is the second time in two years – the freeway is flooded out.

WATCH: Kevin Costner apologises for missing the Golden Globes


"We found ourselves on the wrong side of town and we couldn't get back last night, we couldn't even get back to the house of time this morning with the freeways closed. No one is sadder than us, Chris had a beautiful dress, I was looking forward to walking down the red carpet with my castmates… I'm just so sorry that I can't be there, I really wanted to."


Kevin said he was 'so sad' to miss the show

Kevin did indeed win the award, and actress Regina Hall, who accepted the award for him, had viewers in stitches as she joked about the situation. She said: "Kevin Costner, he so much wanted to be here. I'm sure he did.

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"He wanted to be here but – it's been raining – and because of the unprecedented weather he had to shelter in place in Santa Barbara. That is a sad story right now!"

She concluded: "He's stuck in Santa Barbara, let's pray everyone. No that's awful! We hope that everyone affected by these storms remains safe and I'll be accepting this award on your behalf Kevin."  

Fans were loving her reaction, with one writing: "Officially starting the Regina Hall Emmy nomination campaign for her performance in “accepting Kevin Costner’s Golden Globe for Actor in a Drama Series," while another person added: "Omg Regina Hall can't read her pre-written teleprompter excuse for Kevin Costner not being there with a straight face... screaming."

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