Need some New Year's Eve inspo? Here's our pick of the best party ideas to ring in 2022

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Photo credit: Carol Yepes - Getty Images
Photo credit: Carol Yepes - Getty Images

A snap lockdown just before Christmas and the country in tiers (get it, tears, crying, anyone?) meant New Year's Eve 2021 was pretty sh**ty if you ask us. But, thanks to a successful rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, with any luck it looks like we might be able to spend Christmas and New Year's Eve doing a little celebrating.

Most people are pretty keen for New Year's Eve 2022 to be the biggest and best yet, with all of us eager to make up for lost time and ring in the Roaring Twenties like we should have last year. Fingers crossed, anyway...

With that in mind, here's our pick of the best New Year's Eve party ideas to make 2022 one to remember.

Best New Year’s Eve party ideas: Party like it's 1972

Category is: Disco diva. Throw on a pair of flares and some oversized sunnies then travel back in time to the 1970s.

Make sure your playlist has alllllll the classics, including ABBA, the Bee Gees and, of course, Queen, and pile your plate with 70s inspired snacks like cheese and pineapple on a stick.

Best New Year’s Eve party ideas: Party like it's 2072

If you don't fancy reliving the psychedelic 1970s, fast forward 50 years for a futuristic themed party. Have fun imagining what life will be like five decades from now, and don't forget to take photos so you can look back in 50 years and see if your predictions came true!

Photo credit: AleksandarNakic - Getty Images
Photo credit: AleksandarNakic - Getty Images

Best New Year’s Eve party ideas: Breakfast at midnight

Okay, so this one involves food so it's already top of our list. It's a well known fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day (or in this case, year). So, when the clock strikes 12, why not ring in 2022 with a glass of prosecco and a stack of pancakes? Pyjama dress code: optional.

Best New Year’s Eve party ideas: Wrap it up

Inspired by Spotify's end-of-year Wrapped collection, put together a list of everyone's fave 2021 tracks for your party playlist. Simply get all your guests to send you their top song of the year, then dance the night away to the sounds of 2021.

Need some inspo? Here's our top tracks of 2021:

  • Adele, "Easy on Me"

  • Lil Nas X, "MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)"

  • Olivia Rodrigo, "Good 4 U"

  • Little Mix, "Sweet Melody"

  • Dua Lipa, "Levitating"

  • Doja Cat ft. Sza, "Kiss Me More"

Best New Year’s Eve party ideas: Movie marathon

If music's not really your thing and you'd rather ring in the New Year in your pyjamas with a bucket of popcorn, have a movie marathon of all your fave films that came out in 2021.

Need reminding of this year's box office bangers? Our faves include:

Photo credit: Antonetta Santagata / EyeEm - Getty Images
Photo credit: Antonetta Santagata / EyeEm - Getty Images

Best New Year’s Eve party ideas: Wear your New Year's Resolution

New Year = new you (kind of). So, set your intentions for 2022 with a New Year's Resolution themed party. Have all your guests dress up as their resolution for the year, then have fun trying to guess what each other's is. For example, fancy making your dreams a reality and finally bagging a job as a flight attendant in 2022? Dress up as one! Manifestation and all that, right?

Best New Year’s Eve party ideas: Polaroid party

There's nothing better than looking through old photos and remembering all the fun times you had with friends, so why not turn your flat into one giant photo booth this New Year's Eve? Pick up a Polaroid camera, a Fujifilm Instax or a cheap and cheerful disposable camera and let your party guests spend the night snapping photos of all their New Year's adventures. Make sure you have plenty of party props lying around too, to really take those New Year's snaps to the next level.

Once you've recovered from your New Year's Day hangover, you can even pop all the photos into a scrapbook to look back on over the years.

Best New Year’s Eve party ideas: Around the world dinner

After almost two years of travel restrictions, take yourself on a trip around the world this New Year's with a culinary feast. Have each guest bring a dish or delicacy from their favourite holiday destination (like Spanish patatas bravas or American hot dogs), and let the flavours inspire your travel wish list for 2022. We're hungry just thinking about it...

Happy (and responsible) partying!

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