Years After Avengers: Endgame, Chris Evans Shares What He Misses About Working With Marvel

 Chris Evans' Captain America in front of portals in Avengers: Endgame.
Chris Evans' Captain America in front of portals in Avengers: Endgame.

As things stand now, Chris Evans isn't keen on reprising on Captain America and returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's a decision that, as far as we’re aware, was his to make. But while Evans may have made the call to be done with the franchise, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t miss making those movies. In fact, he just admitted to that very notion, for all the reasons you can probably guess, and maybe some you can’t.

While appearing on The View (via YouTube) Chris Evans admits there is a lot he does miss about playing Captain America. For starters he legit misses playing Cap, because how often do you get the chance to be the guy on the comic book page? Beyond that, he admits that there's another more intimate aspect of the job that he still thinks about. Evans says…

So many things. I mean, it’s just intrinsically cool to be a superhero. It’s very fun to play make-believe and live out your childhood dreams. But the friendships are so fantastic, you know? It’s not just the cast, which [are] some of my best friends in the world. But the crew, you know these people so well, and you get to see them every six [to] eight months or so.

It’s something that you might not think about, but Marvel Studios' films work the same people utilize the same crews from multiple movies. Once you find people who can do the job the way you want, you stick with them. Whether those people are brought in by Marvel, or by recurring directors like the Russo Brothers, it’s not a shock that many of the same faces end up on the same projects on both sides of the camera. And it's lovely to hear that the Gifted alum forged bonds with them.

Whether or not Chris Evans will have the chance to see those faces again while making one of the upcoming Marvel movies remains to be seen. People will seemingly always ask him if he might return. Recent reports even indicated Marvel has an interest in reuniting the OG Avengers on screen, even bringing back characters who died. While Cap didn’t technically die, he’s just as much off the board currently, and there's a new Captain America on the scene -- Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson. Evans also shot down the rumors of the veterans returning during his interview on The View. One has to assume that if any actual plan to bring back the character happens, Evans would be part of it, yet we'll have to wait and see if that comes to fruition.

Of course, even if that does happen, it will likely be in a supporting role, and assuming it doesn’t happen until one of the two planned Avengers movies, we’re still years away from seeing it. Still, Evans has never completely closed the door on the idea of returning and, if it’s the right time, he’d surely like to see old friends again.

For now, you can check out his performance as Steve Rogers by streaming the Marvel movies in order using a Disney+ subscription.