Yeah, Yeah, the Jacket—But Did You See The Weeknd’s Shoes Last Night?

Heath Owens
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Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

From Esquire

Sure, The Weeknd delivered an unforgettable Halftime Show during Super Bowl LV on Sunday night. But he did so much more than that. With a little help from Givenchy creative director Matthew Williams, he also made creepers cool again.

For the past year or so, Abel Tesfaye has been committed to a not not unsettling look, complete with a bloodied face, bandages, and a crimson red jacket in promotion of his latest album, After Hours. He was sporting the same signature ensemble (save for the blood) when he arrived on stage in a convertible, reminiscent of his "Blinding Lights" music video, for his Super Bowl set. As soon as he stepped down from the suspended car, my eyes went straight to his shoes. And that's where they stayed for the next 15 minutes.

Photo credit: Patrick Smith - Getty Images
Photo credit: Patrick Smith - Getty Images

That's not to say that the whole look wasn't leveled-up from his standard After Hours-era ensemble; it certainly was. According to Givenchy, it took four embroiderers more than 250 hours to adorn the crystal-clad jacket. Under that, he wore a black cotton poplin shirt and wool trousers, plus a black leather tie and gloves.

But the cherry on top (bottom?) of the performance fit was the footwear. The elevated black-and-white creepers completed The Weeknd's whole Batman villain aesthetic while propelling yet another '90s fad from the pits of forgotten fashion into the limelight. And for what it's worth, they also made the 5'8" performer appear a solid six inches taller. Like me, the internet was captivated.

And just like that, creepers are cool again. They've officially graduated from the footwear of teenage mall rats hanging out in Hot Topic to the first dress shoe you're going to slide on post-pandemic. Whether you're pairing them with a solid T-shirt and cropped jeans or head-to-toe black (maybe even, gasp, a suit), cop one of these pairs to add a little Abel-approved edge to any look.

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