The Yankee Candle advent calendars are here, and already selling out

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Photo credit: Yankee Candle
Photo credit: Yankee Candle

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  • The Yankee Candle advent calendars for 2020 have already been released, and we want all three of the offerings.

  • 'The Yankee Candle Advent Tower Calendar', 'The Yankee Candle Book Advent Calendar' and 'The Yankee Candle Wreath Advent Calendar' feature a mixture of both old and new fragrances, including 'Singing Carols', 'Cinnamon Stick' and 'Christmas Cookie'.

It's true that there's nothing better than the smell of Christmas. Whether that means fresh pine needles, gingerbread or, er, family arguments (anybody else? No?) to you, it's safe to say the festive period is packed full of unique scents.

And some of those certainly come from the Yankee Candle advent calendar, which for 2020, is coming in three different varieties. Yep, THREE. Considering last year's offering was two, and we wanted both of them, we definitely want to get our festive mitts on this year's countdowns. Here's what the Yankee Candle advent calendars look like for 2020.

And if you don't fancy candles each day of December, your advent calendar options are endless. How about alcoholic advent calendars? Beauty advent calendars? How about a cheese one?! Harry Potter?! Like we said, they really are endless..

The Yankee Candle Tower Advent Calendar

After launching in 2019, the Tower Advent calendar is back for another year, and totally looks like a present in itself. For £79.99, candle lovers receive three small jar candles, 10 votive candles, 18 scented tea lights, one wick trimmer, one Snuffer, one tea light holder and one votive candle holder.

That is an absolute treat. Small jar candles can provides up to 30 hours of burning, while each votive candle up to 15 hours and each scented tea light up to 6 hours of fragrance. Maths isn't our strong point, but that's multiple days of festive scents - which incidentally include Yankee favourites such as 'Holiday Hearth', 'Vanilla French Toast' and 'Red Apple Wreath'.

The Yankee Candle Advent Wreath

A returning favourite with a new festive design, The Yankee Candle Advent Wreath is an exciting alternative to your classic advent calendar. Behind each of the 24 doors is a daily December treat in the shape of a tea light in eight different fragrances. Those on offer are totally different to last year; loo out for Singing Carols, Snowflake Cookie, Christmas Magic, Christmas Cookie, Holiday Hearth, Surprise Snowfall, Cinnamon Stick and Vanilla French Toast.

A Clear Glass Tea Light Holder is also included in the advent calendar, and each calendar burns for six hours. What a treat!

The Yankee Candle Advent Book

Also back for another year is the Yankee Candle Advent Book, which features a festive mix of tea lights and votive candles, as well as a fancy folding design. Scents include Singing Carols, Holiday Hearth, Surprise Snowfall, Unwrap The Magic, Christmas Morning Punch, Christmas Cookie, Snowflake Cookie, Christmas Eve, Christmas Magic, All is Bright, Glittering Star, Cinnamon Stick, Candlelit Cabin, Red Apple Wreath and Cranberry Ice.

The advent calendar also features a decorative votive holder, each votive provides up to 15 hours of fragrance and each scented tea light provides up to 6 hours of fragrance.

The Yankee Candle advent calendars are available to shop now. Anybody else running, not walking?

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