Yampil The Ukrainian Bear Rescued From War Zone And Heading To Scotland

Five Sisters Zoo in West Lothian, Scotland is to have a very special new resident - Yampil the Asiatic Black Bear. This remarkable mammal is named after the place he hails from - a war-torn village in Ukraine and has miraculously survived the conflict that ravaged his homeland. His story began in the village of Yampil, where Ukrainian soldiers, after five months of Russian occupation, stumbled upon an abandoned zoo. Among the nearly 200 animals that once called the Yampil zoo home, Yampil the bear was one of the fortunate few who managed to survive the invasion. Staff at the Five Sisters Zoo, known for its dedicated rescue work and commitment to endangered animals, first learned about Yampil from the Belgian charity, Natuur Hulp Centrum. To provide Yampil with the care and environment he deserves, the zoo estimates it will need to invest approximately £200,000 in constructing a new enclosure. The Five Sisters Zoo is inviting individuals to contribute to this effort, along with supporting the ongoing costs of Yampil's upkeep and veterinary care throughout his life.