Father's plea to schools: Please try to understand our financial troubles

Bharat A Tarachandanii

While schools reopen and online classes resume, parents are bringing up several issues with this mode of education. Their primary complaint is that schools are charging the same fees as they were when the kids were physically going to school premises.

As cases rise exponentially every day, the children are far from resuming regular studies and school activities.

So should schools reduce the fees?

In my last episode, I spoke to a veteran teacher about how the coronavirus and the lockdown in particular has changed the role and duties of a teacher. Click here if you want to listen to that first.

Today, I’d like to flip the coin as it were, and speak to a concerned parent. Take a listen.

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Thoughts for you:

Will you send your children to schools, if they open their doors in August, September?

Are you satisfied with the current online curriculum?

Are you happy with the fee structure schools are offering?

Please share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments space below.

(Sound mixing by Ashay Raut, Soundhill Studios)