Y2K Called, and Flared Leggings Are Back! Shop My Favorite Pair For $30

Look out, 2022: my ankles will be suffocated no more! All my early-2000s dreams are coming true, because flared leggings are absolutely a trend again. I have bought a few different pairs from various brands, but these Old Navy High-Waisted CozeCore Boot-Cut Pants ($30, originally $40) take the cake. Why? Because the inside of the fabric is soft and warm, so they keep me cozier on cold days than typical leggings. They come in sizes XS-4X, and I took my usual size large.

Besides looking cute, I will also say the leggings function great for winter runs and outdoor exercise. I'm never pulling or adjusting them, and I love that the fabric is warm without being too hot like fleece. Oh, and I almost forgot the best part! There's a hidden pocket in the back of the waist that could definitely hold some credit cards and keys.

Plus, if you're looking to be head-to-toe cozy, I also bought the matching Old Navy CozeCore Long-Sleeve Cropped Rib-Paneled Top ($28, originally $35), and I like the monochromatic vibe.

Keep reading to get more details and score yourself some cuddly, on-trend leggings you'll legitimately want to wear every day. Honestly, I also bought them in black as well. OK, let's shop!


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