Wynonna Judd calls The Judds tour 'almost too much to handle' after mother Naomi Judd's death

Wynonna Judd has opened up about performing scheduled shows for The Judds’ final tour after the death of her mother, and singing partner, Naomi Judd.

Naomi, also mother to actress Ashley Judd, passed away on 30 April at the age of 76 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Since September, Wynonna, 58, has been on The Judds tour that was scheduled before Naomi’s death.

The singer spoke at a Wednesday press event on how touring without her mother has affected her.

“It’s almost too much to handle, and I’m exhausted today. I’ve done so many shows where I have literally fallen on my knees, because the love is so strong,” Wynonna said, via The Boot. “It’s the most emotional I’ve ever been, and it’s the most vulnerable I’ve ever felt, and the strongest I’ve ever been able to sing.”

She added: “It’s a remarkable combination... joy and sorrow, pain and pleasure, and just showing up and showing out, and watching people weep in the audience.”