You could live in this old WW2 airfield hangar which is now a 5-bed dream home

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A former WW2 hangar has been converted into a fancy family home. (SWNS)
A former WW2 hangar has been converted into a fancy family home. (SWNS)

A former World War II airfield hangar that has been converted into a luxury home has been put up for sale.

The quirky five-bedroom property, located in Dunmow, Essex, has gone on the market for a staggering £1.4million, for anyone looking for something a little bit extra. 

With it's distinctive curved roof, clad with corrugated sheets, the house is one of thousands of 'Nissen huts' erected in Britain during war-time using pre-fabricated sections.

While many were abandoned or used as storage by farmers, this countryside hangar has been cleverly converted into a private home boasting 2.3 acres of gardens.

The building, which is one of only three surviving Nissen huts situated on the grounds of an old Georgian house, was once used to house service personnel, from RAF to American forces.

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Fancy prepping a meal in this Insta-worthy kitchen? (SWNS)
Fancy prepping a meal in this Insta-worthy kitchen? (SWNS)
The interior of the hangar is pretty swish. (SWNS)
The interior of the hangar is pretty swish. (SWNS)

But now, sticking to its original shape and structure, the unusual building has been converted into a unique two-storey, five-bedroom property, with a lift to the upper floor.

The property, being sold through estates agents Savills, has a spacious open plan and totally Insta-worthy kitchen with three bedrooms on the ground floor.

On trend bi-folding doors extend onto a terrace with enviable views across the Essex countryside.

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Commenting on the sale of the property Karl Manning, the agent handling the property on behalf of Savills, said: "It's certainly a unique building.

"You look at the outside of it and you feel like it just shouldn't really work as a home.

"But when you go inside, the curved back wall, which has been converted in the style of how it would have looked originally, is really quite impressive.

"It's kept its original shape, structure and footprint, too."

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Bathroom of dreams. (SWNS)
Bathroom of dreams. (SWNS)

Manning says the former hangar, along with the two others, were converted around two or three years ago.

The three huts sit just seven miles from the former RAF site, RAF Great Dunmow, which was in use from 1943-1948.

"These huts were formerly used as lodgings for service personnel, and then after the war a lot of them became used for storage," Manning continues. 

"But because of the size of these three huts, they were converted about two or three years ago.

"The other two huts are also currently lived in."

Manning says this particular property has been on the market for around three weeks, and unsurprisingly there has already been significant interest in it. 

RAF Great Dunmow was designed as bomber airfield and was used by the United States Army Air Forces Eighth and Ninth Air Forces.

Its B-24 and B-17 bombers were used in strategic bombing raids across France and Germany from 1943.

Kevin McCloud would approve! (SWNS)
Kevin McCloud would approve! (SWNS)

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