Wow-Factor Children’s Birthday Cakes That Will Blow Your Mind

Alison Coldridge
Editor Yahoo Style UK
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These cakes may not be all that simple to make for the amateur baker (hey, we aren’t all Great British Bake Off worthy), but they’re fun to look at – and get inspired by.

After all, if you can’t splash out on an amazing Frozen-themed cake for your child’s birthday, then when can you?

Lego Cake
Forget the children – we want this as a birthday cake!

Lego Cake [Pinterest]

Super Mario Bros Cake
Super Mario Bros might be a bit old school, but this cake is anything but. Every gamer’s delectable dream.

Super Mario Bros Cake [Pinterest]

Frozen Cake
This round up wouldn’t be complete without a Frozen cake – and there are quite literally thousands of different designs floating around online. But we love how darn spot-on Elsa looks in this icy creation. Good enough to eat.

Frozen Cake [Pinterest]

Dr Seuss Cake
How the baker got this creation to look quite so… cartoony and balance in this precarious fashion is beyond us. Just wow.

Dr Seuss Cake [Pinterest]

Sesame Street Cake
We didn’t think it was possible, but Sesame Street just got EVEN BETTER with this edible version of Oscar the Grouch. And we love the green angle.

Seasame Street Cake [Pinterest]

Peter Rabbit Cake
There are so many different icing skills going on here it'll make your head spin. Talk about an artistic vision.

Peter Rabbit Cake [Pinterest]

Alice In Wonderland Cake
Fans of Lewis Carroll’s classic novel will no doubt be blown away by this baking effort. And check out how true to character Alice, the Cheshire cat and the white rabbit look!

Alice In Wonderland Cake [Pinterest]


Anyone else LOVE WALL-E? The detail on this bake is so spot on that even Paul Hollywood would be impressed.

WALL-E Cake [Pinterest]

Peppa Pig
We couldn't have a round-up of the best children's birthday cakes without including Peppa Pig. So here she is...

Peppa Pig Cake [Pinterest]


Up! Cake
The only thing missing from this ADORABLE cake is the little old man. But we love this spectacular bake all the same.

Up Cake [Pinterest/]

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