'I Wouldn't Even Call That A Fight': Logan Paul Shades Dillon Danis While Discussing How He Earned WWE's United States Championship

 Logan Paul in Crown Jewel in WWE.
Logan Paul in Crown Jewel in WWE.

Logan Paul has had a big year, and CinemaBlend already had him at solid odds of winning a WWE championship earlier in the year. As such, it wasn't too hard to predict the win happening at Crown Jewel, and that outcome seemed even more fated after his decisive boxing victory over rival Dillon Danis, whom Paul continued to shade following his success in Saudi Arabia.

Paul was riding high after his big win over former United States Champion Rey Mysterio, but didn't miss a chance to diss another opponent, Dillon Danis. In an interview with ESPN, the new WWE champion made brief mention of his previous boxing bout, but only in the context of saying that it was far less intense than the 18-minute match he had with Mysterio. Here's how he put it:

That was barely a performance. I wouldn't even call that a fight. Tonight was a fight. Tonight was hard. I'm telling you, bro. I'm winded. I feel like I really earned this. So, I see these comments online. 'Logan Paul, spoon-fed, silver spoon in his mouth. Everything's been given to him his whole life. He hasn't earned it.' I would do more in 12 hours than most people do in 12 months. My blueprint cannot be duplicated, bro. My pace is unmatched. I'm not playing the same game as the other people. I've beaten the matrix, and I'm the architect.

Logan Paul is never one lacking for confidence, which bodes well for him hyping up his title defenses at upcoming WWE events. And while I feel there is a bit of showmanship in his quote that leans into the heel-ish persona he portrays on television, I wouldn't be surprised if that was 100% how he'd legitimately compare his respective fights with Dillon Danis and Rey Mysterio.

While Oppenheimer Earns Big Bucks At The Box Office And Critical Praise, Logan Paul Explains Why He ‘Walked Out’ During His Screening

Logan Paul in the WWE
Logan Paul in the WWE

Logan Paul explained why he didn't like Oppenheimer

For the unfamiliar, Paul vs. Danis was a boxing match that became very personal in the months leading up to it. The drama included Danis sharing an allegedly explicit video of Paul's fiancé, Nina Agdal, as well as a pre-fight press conference that in which Danis chunked a microphone at his opponent's face and left Paul with a black eye.

During the actual fight, Paul pushed the action, while Danis spent more time defending himself and trying to avoid being knocked out. After defending for six rounds, Danis eventually attempted an MMA-style takedown, which resulted in a disqualification victory for Logan Paul. So when the United States Champion remarked that he put on more of a performance against Rey Mysterio, that might be the truth.

The bigger question everyone wants to know is that now that Logan Paul has a major title in the WWE, how long will the ride last? The company has seemingly been high on Paul since his show-stopping performance at WrestleMania 38, but with a busy schedule and other commitments, a long title reign may not be possible.

At the same time, Logan Paul felt committed to improving in the WWE and was trusted enough to have a title match against Roman Reigns at the Crown Jewel the year prior. The match ultimately came at a great cost, and he was injured and out of commission for a while. Assuming he stays healthy, he could have a great run, but we'll just have to wait and see who he'll be defending against first before we make any bold predictions about how long this ride may last.

Anyone with a Peacock Premium subscription can check out Logan Paul's big match at Crown Jewel 2023, which is totally worth watching. Check that out, and then hold onto that subscription because Survivor Series is just a few weeks around the corner.