Would You Let Your Toddler Dictate Your Wardrobe For A Week? This Mum Did…

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It’s definitely a gamble, but letting your child dress you for a week is also a great way to boost his creativity levels.

And you might be surprised by just how much of an idea your tot has about what colours work together – as mum blogger Summer Bellessa did.

The mum decided to let three-year-old her son, Rockwell, decide what she wore every day for a week and realised that her son is actually a pretty good stylist.

Day One's look [Summer Bellessa]

“I have picked out my son’s outfits almost every day of his three years on this planet,” writes Summer on her blog on Babble.com.

“I thought it would be fun to turn the tables and let him pick my outfits out for a few days. How crazy could it be?

“I like everything in my closet, and I mix and match items all the time. Well, let’s just say it was interesting. And about just being interesting it was a fun experience to have with my little guy. I also learned a few things from my pint-size fashionista.”

Day two's Minnie-inspired look [Summer Bellessa]

On the first day, Rockwell dressed his mama in a Bob Dylan T-shirt, grey skirt and hooded cardigan. We especially love the big straw hat. Bravo, Rockwell.

Day two’s outfit consisted of a Mickey Mouse T-shirt and polka dot leggings, which is also a fun look that Summer called “a homage to Minnie.”

Day three's look [Instagram/Summer Bellessa]

Things went a bit downhill on day three when Rockwell teamed a floral dress with knee-high socks and clashing pink shoes. But we’ve got to applaud Rockwell’s appreciation for colour.

On the fourth day, Rockwell forgot to pick out some trousers for his mum – and gave her mismatched shoes to wear.  The same odd-shoe scenario happened on the fifth day, but after a long week of being in charge of his mum’s wardrobe we can forgive him for this.

Oops... odd shoes [Instagram/Summer Bellessa]

"So what did I learn from this experience?," wrote Summer.  "A lot of being a mom is telling people what to do, and it was therapeutic for both of us to change roles, if even in this small way. He enjoyed having his opinions heard, but he was also done after a certain point.

"I would recommend letting your little one pick your outfit one day this week and seeing how it goes. Not only will it be something that they remember, it was also be liberating."

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Would you ever – or have you ever – let your toddler dress you? Let us know in the comments below.