Worst Roommate Ever: Who is Scott Pettigrew and where is he now?

 Worst Roommate Ever: Where is Scott Pettigrew now? .
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The new season of Netflix's true-crime series Worst Roommate Ever has sent chills downs viewers' spines, leaving many to wonder all about Scott Pettigrew. 

So many of Netflix's true-crime offerings are terrifying, spine-chilling and nightmare-inducing, whether it's a fictionalised story like Deadwater Fell or a show inspired, at least in part, by true events like hit series Baby Reindeer. But it's the documentaries that really get the blood pumping.

Many of the horrifying events we learn about from these shows leave us wondering where the criminals are now, sometimes out of intrigue but nearly always out of a fear. After the release of Worst Roommate Ever season 2, we've been left wondering where Janie Ridd is now - along with Scott Pettigrew.

The series has just returned to Netflix for its second season, once again detailing the true stories of various murders committed by roommates gone rogue. The story of Scott Pettigrew's crimes was particularly chilling with the show's second episode sharing the events that led to Pettigrew murdering his landlord and roommate Anita Mamie Cowen.

Anita Mamie Cowen
Anita Mamie Cowen

Who is Scott Pettigrew?

Scott Pettigrew moved in with Anita Mamie Cowen in 2016 and, after just a short time living with her, stopped paying rent. Things got worse from there, with Pettigrew trashing her house and forcing Anita to reach out to law enforcement for help.

Her attempts to evict him were fruitless even though a court judge granted Anita a restraining order against her tenant, something that you would think should keep him out of her home but did not.

In fact, the court judge ruled that Pettigrew didn't need to be evicted despite Anita pleading, "I am being terrorised daily in my own home. [It's] Escalating each day. I need help." He even said that Pettigrew didn't display any violent behaviour or tendencies.

Despite the restraining order now, in theory, keeping Pettigrew at least five yards from Anita at all times, it was useless. Just four days after it was granted, local law enforcement found Anita's dead body, littered with cuts and bruises, floating in her swimming pool after they turned up to the property to perform a welfare check requested by Anita's son and daughter-in-law.

Pettigrew was found inside the house, covered in scratches, and arrested for the murder of his landlord and roommate Anita Mamie Cowen.

where is Scott Pettigrew now?
where is Scott Pettigrew now?

Where is Scott Pettigrew now?

Scott Pettigrew is currently serving a sentence of 25 years to life in California State Prison. He was convicted of first-degree murder, elder abuse, and violating a protective order in 2019 despite pleading not guilty to all the charges.

He will not be eligible for parole until April 2033.

Worst Roommate Ever season 2 is now available to stream on Netflix.